Cal Poly Greek Life Students React to New Party Registration Policy

Cal Poly Students React to New Party Registration Policy

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Fraternities and sororities at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo get new party rules and said they've finally  made peace with campus officials.

If Cal Poly fraternity and sorority students now want to party, they will have to follow new rules. Some of those rules limit the number of social events and limit Greek Life students to social events on Friday and Saturday evenings -- and some Sunday evenings, if it runs before a Monday holiday.

This comes after six weeks of social probation after Cal Poly Greek Life students failed to meet a deadline on a new party police.

Jennifer Jacobs, special events coordinator on the Panhellenic Council, said she's glad the fight is finally over.

Jacobs said, "It's been a back-and-forth battle on what we think is best and what they think is best."

Keith Humphrey, VP for student affairs, said, "This really is,  in my opinion, it's Cal Poly catching up with national best practices. The vast majority of Greek systems have regulations around parties in place."

Many students agree with the change.

Cody Pajunen, a member of a Greek fraternity, said, "They just want to make things as safe as possible."

Many in the Greek Life community said they want people to know their organizations are not all about parties.

Pajunen said, "I've grown so much as a person, as a professional and as a student from being in Greek Life."

A focus on health will remain a big part of Greek Life discussions.

Jacobs said, "We're going to come back in May to see what needs to change and what stays the same, things like that. We'll be working a lot with the dean of students."

The new rules are part of a three-year process focusing on the health and safety of students involved in Greek Life.

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