Macy's downtown Santa Barbara closure now official, and solutions to revive retail come in

Studies underway and there's no shortage of input

Changes expected in downtown Santa Barbara to jump start the economy

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - With more than 45 locations either available or going through transition in downtown Santa Barbara, there are a lot of suggestions coming in to solve the retail slump underway.

Sales figures for the last quarter of 2016 were down, and that was the shopping season for the holidays.

Macy's has now officially closed at the Paseo Nuevo Mall with brown paper covering all windows.  No new tenant has been announced there.

Some other sites that are closed are also covered up with paper or boards, and leasing signs can be seen on several blocks.

Sawyer Diaz from Persona Pizza was out front with samples and said many people who lived locally and came by today have walked that block several times without noticing the business.  He says outreach is important and good parking is very helpful.

Dan Wilson works downtown and hopes there is a revival ahead.

Small business owner T.J. Fortuna wants to get a partnership together with successful business owners and new businesses to share techniques that will help the entire district.

Nearby on Coast Village Road there may be two restaurants coming into the area soon and possibly a wine bar, if deals can be reached.


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