Caltrans looking to hire thousands of workers

State agency trying to keep up with SB 1 demand

Caltrans looking to hire thousands of workers

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. - If you're looking for a job with good wages and great benefits you might want to think about Caltrans.

The state transportation agency is looking to fill thousands of jobs to meet growing demand for work spurred on by the passage of the 2017 gas tax bill SB 1.

Job seeker Randy Tyler is looking to get back to work with the help of the Workforce Resource Center in Santa Maria.

"I have an Associate Degree in computer science and it would be nice to get back into something along that line", Tyler said when asked about considering applying with Caltrans, "probably one of the things I'll be looking at here today."

SB 1, the controversial gas tax bill passed in 2017 that California consumers are paying for when they fill up at the pump, is generating more than $5 billion a year in revenue for state highway, road maintenance and improvement projects.

"We're looking to hire thousands of people over the next several years", said Central Coast Caltrans spokesperson Jim Shivers, "those positions include everything from maintenance workers to construction engineers to regional planners, all of this the result of Senate Bill 1."

Shivers says Caltrans is trying to keep up with a combination of retiring employees and a demand for more workers for SB 1 projects.

"We understand that this is a new and important revenue source for us and we are totally committed to pursuing not only construction projects but also maintenance projects", Shivers said.

Good paying jobs that are there for those who want them and can qualify.

"I'll be taking a look at it", Randy Tyler said, "I'm sure the benefits are also pretty good as well."

Caltrans is considering streamlining its stringent employee application process, as well as internal department promotions, amid SB 1.

To learn more about Caltrans job openings and the employee application process, go to

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