Buyers beware of fake eclipse glasses

Optometrist: "You can develop a burn..."

Buyers beware of fake eclipse glasses

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The total solar eclipse will be seen in parts of North America on August 21. In Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo, residents will be able to see a part of it. 

"I've never seen one. It should be interesting," said Erica Burin, a Santa Barbara resident. 

A group of people had a session under Monday night's full moon on East Beach. Many of them were excited for the eclipse. It'll be more visible in different parts of the country.

The phenomenon occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun which casts a shadow on the Earth.

"I'm traveling to Oregon to see it for the Oregon Eclipse Festival," said Kase Martis, Santa Barbara resident. 

As the excitement for the solar eclipse builds, some people are shelling out money to purchase glasses to watch the eclipse. 

"It's an opportunity for people to experience a celestial event like this. Most people have never been in close proximity to an eclipse so this is a big deal," said a Rainbow Symphony, a large solar eclipse glasses online retailer.

However, scammers are also taking advantage of the business opportunities by selling fake glasses that will not protect your eyes. 

"During that time period, you can develop a burn on the retina and that's the real problem. You can get something called solar retinopathy which can permanently damage the retina," said an optometrist. 

Click here for more information from NASA regarding eclipse glasses.

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