Earl Warren Showgrounds open for evacuees with horses

Lodging large animals for free

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Earl Warren Showgrounds has plenty of space for horse owners needing to evacuate their large animals.

Word was going around that the showgrounds were full because of a previously-scheduled horse show.

Not true.

So far, four horses were moved to the Las Positas site when their owners were evacuated from the Whittier fire zone.

CEO Scott Grieve told NewsChannel 3 "We have never turned away a horse during an emergency. If we're ever full, we will find a place in another local area."

Grieve said horse owners can lodge their large animals at the showgrounds for free until an emergency or disaster is over.

The CEO also said the Equine Evac Assistance Team will go out and deliver horses needing to be evacuated.

For more information, call Santa Barbara Equine Assistance and Evac Team at (805) 892-4484 or Earl Warren Showgrounds at (805) 687-0766.

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