The dropping level of Lake Cachuma in the Santa Ynez Valley has worried many residents but, for now, there's enough water to last another two years, even in drought conditions.

That's the word from the new Chairman of the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors Steve Lavagnino who says he is watching the levels closely.

Right now the lake is at 40 percent of it's capacity and 51 feet below the spill level at Bradbury Dam.

"You know obviously it's an issue.  When I am playing golf and it's 75 degrees on January 6th, we've got problems. Until we see some rain, this issue is not going to go away," said Lavagnino.

A report on the lake, its current capacity, along with other details regarding supplies, conservation efforts, and a plan to deal with the possible ongoing dry spell will be made to the county leaders in the coming few weeks.