Drivers notice higher gas prices heading into holiday weekend

Labor Day weekend gas prices on the...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Storm damage from hurricane and tropical storm Harvey has stopped production at about a dozen refineries on the Gulf Coast.

Although gas from the gulf isn't usually used in California, the supply shortage in Texas has increased demand across the country.

Gas station prices jumped overnight and are likely to rise again over the Labor Day weekend.  

The average price in California is just over $3.00.

Liz Gorman chose a lower grade to save money on Friday night in Santa Barbara and said she only filled up halfway in hopes of finding more affordable gasoline during her holiday road trip.

"I am afraid they're going to go up a lot," said Gorman.

Roger Coppola said he noticed it go up since his last road trip.

"We actually drove to Oregon for the eclipse and it was $2.69, $2.70," said Coppola.

Oil company stockholders may not complain.

Like oil prices, oil stocks appear to be on the rise.

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