GOLETA, Calif. -

Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta is turning heads with its amazing yearbook.

The school yearbook staff has incorporated a technology that allows photos to magically come to life with the help of an app.

The technology is called Aurasma and it uses pixel recognition software to match a picture with a video and play that video on a wireless device when hovering over a picture.

DP is the first school in the country to use Aurasma within a yearbook. They already have more than 100 videos as part of the book and will be adding more.

Students on campus, members of the administration and parents can't believe what they're watching when the yearbook, titled "Capture," is being shown off.

The DP yearbook staff has won national awards for their work in the past. But even they believe the 2013 edition is the best one yet.