Dog lovers will be able to enjoy this long weekend with families, friends and their dogs along the Central Coast.

The Valley Pets of Buellton is sponsoring The Los Alamos Dog Race event at the Ferrini Park in downtown Los Alamos on Saturday.

Dogs will race and the winner will receive a Valley pets gift card. The event is free but there are registration fees, $10 per dog.

Attendees will be able to enjoy home made goodies, hot dogs, raffles and many prices.

All of the proceeds will benefit the Los Alamos Public Library.

In San Luis Obispo the seventh annual Goldens In the Park event is set for Sunday  at the Laguna Lake Park.

The event is organized by Realtor Lenny Jones of Arroyo Grande and the group San Luis Obispo County Golden Retrievers to raise funds for the Woods Human Society and Animal Shelter Adoption Partners.