Direct Relief sends help for residents dealing with Hurricane Harvey

The organization has a team in Texas.

Direct Relief sends help for...

GOLETA, Calif. - Direct Relief is prepared for Hurricane Harvey. The Goleta-based humanitarian aid organization geared communities along the Gulf Coast in June. 

“Hurricanes are one of the few emergencies that you know where they’re going to occur and where they’re going to occur to some degree. They start in June and the season ends in November and they typically happen on the Gulf Coast and increasingly eastern seaboard. To get ahead of that, we pre-equip communities in 50 locations throughout those areas," said Damon Taugher, Direct Relief director of US programs.

Direct Relief has prepositioned emergency kits in place and also sent additional kits to health clinics in Texas on Friday.

“We have a wide array of products in here from wound care products to agents to things associated to people who are injured related to hurricanes or flood, but it’s also a lot of products in here for evacuees or evacuated population setting. So we have things for chronic disease and things to help people maintain their health," said Taugher. 

On top of emergency equipment, Direct Relief also has a team in Texas. They flew a red eye flight and landed Friday.

“There’s a lot more rain now than this afternoon. A lot of people are in doors. More traffic are going away up the coast. Most activity we’ve seen outside are people collecting to reinforce their homes," said Tony Morain, Direct Relief communications director. 

They are heading to Corpus Christi and will travel around the impacted areas in the morning. Taugher called his teammates Friday afternoon to find out what was going on Texas as Hurricane Harvey was hours away from landfall.

“It’s pretty quiet. We’ve looked at gas stations. People are stocking up on water, food and trying to get cover for safety. The streets are pretty deserted at this point. Businesses are closed. Windows are boarded up," said Bryn Blanks, Direct Relief communications specialist. 

For more information on Direct Relief or find out how to help the organization save lives, click here.

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