GOLETA, Calif. -

Direct Relief has offered assistance to about 40 Louisiana health centers and clinics since epic rain fell.

The flooding has been deadly and many people are in need of medicine and medical care.

The non profit has been responding to flooding in the region since hurricane Katrina more than a decade ago.

Crews filled backpacks with medical supplies at their Goleta headquarters on Monday.

Some call centers asked for specific medical items.

Damon Taugher, the director of programs in the United States said, "A good chunk included chronic disease medicine something you don't connect with response, but when people who have chronic illnesses and are displaced they need those medicines to stay healthy."

He said that keeps emergency rooms free to help the people in the most serious need.

Direct relief partners with Fed Ex, so supplies valued at $88.000 will be send overnight for free

Direct relief is a nonprofit accepting donations earmarked for Louisiana and other disaster areas.

Donors will find a tab at https://www.directrelief.org/2016/08/emergency-update-louisiana-flooding/