Direct Relief Helps Super Typhoon Victims

Medicine and supplies to treat wounds on the way

POSTED: 12:23 PM PST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 10:44 AM PST Nov 08, 2013 

Workers at Direct Relief in Goleta working late into the night Thursday.

Workers pulled more medical supplies off their shelves and packed them up to send to the Philippines.

The nonprofit sent supplies following a deadly earthquake in the island nation just last month. Now, a super typhoon is hitting the region.

Forecasters clocked 235 mile-an-hour winds.

If the typhoon was in the Atlantic or Northwest it would be considered a Hurricane.

It is the same weather phenomenon, but this one is said to be stronger than Hurricane Andrew that devastated Florida years ago.

Direct Relief is in touch with partner agencies on the ground in Philippines.  New supplies should arrive in a few days.

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