Deadly crash near Dos Pueblos Canyon

Orange County woman dies at the scene

POSTED: 10:44 AM PDT Jul 09, 2013    UPDATED: 07:35 PM PDT Jul 09, 2013 
GOLETA, Calif. -

A deadly crash near Dos Pueblos Canyon west of Goleta took the life of an Orange County woman. It happened just after 10 a.m.  in the southbound lanes of Highway 101.

Investigators say a large flatbed truck towing a trailer with nursery supplies went out of control from the northbound lanes, across the center grass medium and into the southbound lanes.

That's where 64-year old Lois Campbell was driving her pickup truck and a violent collision took place.

Campbell was pronounced dead at the scene. The Santa Barbara County Coroner's office says she was from Brea, in Orange County.

Her passenger, 68-year old Thomas Campbell was taken to the hospital.  The Santa Barbara County Fire Dept. say his injuries were moderate. His relationship with the driver was not known.

The name of the driver at the wheel of the larger truck has not been released.  The truck was marked with the Greatheart nursery logo. The company is located in Arroyo Grande.

That driver was at the scene with blood on his face, answering questions from California Highway Patrol officers.   It's unclear if the accident was the result of a mechanical failure or a driver error.

Both southbound lanes of the freeway were closed for over an hour as part of the investigation.  Traffic backed up for miles.  Some drivers turned around and took a mountain detour using Highway 154.

Officer Jim Richards said the CHP will do a detailed investigation that includes aerial photos.  Richards was in a patrol plane when the accident took place and helped to coordinate the response from the sky.

"This traffic collision will be very extensive. That's why we have so many resources out," said Richards. "Everything will be measured, photographed, and drawn to scale. There will be a background check on the drivers, where they were coming from and where they were going."


Slideshow: Deadly crash near Dos Pueblos Canyon

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One southbound lane remains closed

Crews are on the scene of a deadly head-on crash near Dos Pueblos Canyon in Goleta.  It happened around 10:12 a.m. Tuesday, in the southbound lanes of Highway 101.

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