"Day Without Immigrants" closes dozens of stores

More than 40 Santa Maria businesses closed

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - The national movement a "Day Without Immigrants" didn't skip Santa Maria. 

Dozens of storefronts and businesses across the city were closed Thursday in a show of solidarity against the Trump administrations hard line on immigrants. 

A list was circulating on Facebook Wednesday night with the names of more than 40 businesses that were keeping their doors closed on Thursday, and that list grew to more than 70 by midday. 

Many of the storefronts had signs in the window expressing their support. 

In front of Santa Maria city hall, a small group of peaceful demonstrators encouraged drivers to honk in support of the immigrant population. 

"I'm out here supporting a day without immigrants because I have family members directly involved," says Vivian Buenrostor. "I truly believe that we're all humans and equal rights."

"I'm a gay woman, and a lot of my friends are Hispanic" says Shannon Sheffield. "I want equal rights for everybody, and I don't like the way our country feels right now its a scary place to be."

Thousands of students stayed out of the classroom today across the area, including at Hancock College. 

"A lot of students stayed away from class and caught up on homework today," says Abraham Melendrez, a member of CAUSE, or Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy. "They feel that everything that has been said nationally, politically, doesn't represent the values they have, and they want to demonstrate that immigrants truly are a big part of this community, and the country."




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