Danger of Rip Currents

Beaches along the central coast have risk for dangerous rip currents, rough surf


Spencer Claxton is 16 years old and has been training to become a lifeguard for six years.

Claxton signed up for the Pismo Beach Junior Lifeguard program to learn about the importance of water safety. He says, "For three hours you are working really hard because in a couple years you might be one of the instructors or saving people's lives."

One of the lifeguards Claxton looks up to is Kenan Martin.

Martin notes that it is important to "always swim near a lifeguard that way we can keep our eyes on you and make sure you're not having any problems." He also wants beachgoers to know "if a lifeguard says there is a rip current stay out of that." 

Lifeguards say remaining calm and listening to the instructions they give you is key when being rescued.

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