Cuesta College Discusses Bond Options


The Cuesta College Board of Trustees met Wednesday night to discuss a possible bond measure that would improve its two college campuses.

The money will be used to fix gas and plumbing lines, electrical problems, and provide funding for technology.

Gilbert Stork, the superintendent and president for Cuesta College, said the school is "constantly having power outages and every time we have a power outage we have to shut the college down."

The maximum amount the college's board could request is $347 million, but as of now, a decision on the exact number has not been made.

Connie Kessler lives in San Luis Obispo and expressed that she is "all for that." She wants people to know that "this is the future of our country, so let's do the best we can for the kids."

The board has until August 6, 2014 to decide if the college will seek a bond and how much it will request. Once a decision is made, it would go on the November ballot.

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