Weekend stabbing in Lompoc didn't happen at local bar

LOMPOC, Calif. - "It did happen near but, not here and we are not involved in this in any shape or form," says Wesley Cox, the Manager of Jasper's Saloon in Lompoc. 

He's talking about a stabbing that happened over the weekend nearby. 

That's the message he wants customers to know. He says the stabbing happened nearby but, not at or outside of the bar. 

"The police came around 1:40 and I didn't even know the incident was happening," he says. 

He says Lompoc Police came to the bar early Sunday morning to see if anyone had answers or details about the stabbing. 

"I would say the incident happened a good 30 yards from here," he says.

Lompoc Police say the stabbing happened at a nearby alley across from the bar.  

Cox says that location is an empty parking lot that at one time belonged to a restaurant that is no longer there.

"It's concerning for the community I know this stuff happens all over the world and it's horrible," says Cox. 

He says on Saturday night the bar was busy as usual. He says since his family took over the business about two years ago their main priority is to keep their customers safe.

"We always have plenty of security on staff in 2 years we have not had one incident happen here at Jasper's," he says. 

Lompoc Police say three people were stabbed. They say two cars were seen leaving the area and shortly after they found two victims in one car and the third in a another car.

Cox says none of the bar's 23 surveillance cameras captured what happened across the way. 

"We'll maybe keep more of an eye out, like a neighborhood watch kind of thing, get everyone involved," he says. 

Lompoc Police say the victims were taken to Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lompoc Police Department. 


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