Thousands of dollars worth of tools stolen in Santa Maria

Thousands of work tools stolen in...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Grainy video from a business in Santa Maria caught a thief in the act. 

The video shows a pickup truck parked in front of a house on South McClelland Street.

You can then see a person making several trips back and forth between the pickup trucj and a construction trailer filled with tools.

Then they took off, driving into a nearby ally. 

"It's always locked through the clasp with the best lock you can buy, apparently, that's not good enough," said Jason Fylstra, owner of Total Home Repair, a construction company.

Fylstra described the car in the surveillance video as a Chevy long bed pickup, two-wheel drive from the 70's or 80's. He adds, the car has a toolbox in the back and an aluminum step on the passenger side and could be two-toned. 

When he showed up to work on Tuesday morning, he found the doors to his work trailer wide open. A feeling he describes as gut wrenching.

"It was a huge hit, a huge hit, jackhammer, rotary hammers," he said as he described what was taken. 

He estimates the value of those stolen tools to be more than $10,000. 

He's been collecting and using them for the last 16 years. All the tools he says are essential to his job and construction company. 

"Starting at the bottom there was nothing but large jackhammers, all that stuff," he said as he walked inside of his work trailer. 

Now, just a few tools left behind in his work trailer as a constant reminder of what thieves took from him.

"Total hatred for people, and how I am going to get my work done," he said. 

He says he usually never leaves his work trailer on site. He's been at a home in South McClelland Street for the last week and a half helping to remodel the kitchen. 

"It was left for about 3 days which, I'm not normally keen on it, but, I figured it was okay, being this close to Broadway," Fylstra said. 

He says he grew up in this area as a kid, describing it as a great neighborhood.

His feelings now changing: "Lately, I guess it's been getting really bad," he said. 

Fylstra says he won't make the same mistake again. "It'll never be left on site again, it's going to stay attached to the truck."

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