Thief steals a decorative snowman from children

Hayes: "Someone violated us..."

Thief steals a decorative snowman...

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - A 48-inch snowman made of wicker and incandescent lights were stolen off of the Hayes family's front lawn Monday evening after their grandchildren came to visit and enjoy the holiday decorations.

“We were all sad because first of all someone violated us and come onto our property," said Darlene Hayes, a Santa Barbara resident.

Hayes and her family has lived in the same quiet neighborhood in Santa Barbara County for 33 years. They've never had this happen before. Hayes' husband set up the snowman and other holiday decorations three days ago in preparation for their grandchildren's visit. 

“They were dancing around and they love it. After that happened, we had dinner at the table," said Hayes.

An hour later, Hayes' two-year-old granddaughter noticed the missing snowman. 

"I just think it’s wrong that someone would come up to our driveway, near my house and take it from us," said Hayes. 

Heartbroken for her grandchildren, Hayes posted on She wanted to let her neighbors and community members know about the theft. The thief walked up to Hayes' lawn, pulled out the plug from an electrical outlet and removed metal stakes that once secured the snowman.

“I would like them to return it if they could return it," said Hayes.

She knows the snowman isn't worth a lot of money, but there are sentimental values behind it. 

“We put it up every year and it brought happiness to all of us," said Hayes.

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