Suspected thieves caught stealing purse from Buellton business

Purse snatched at Buellton market

BUELLTON, Calif. -  

Surveillance video from Mi Pueblito Market in Buellton shows a woman taking something that isn't hers.

"I've always left my purse in this area," says Yolanda Hernandez, an employee at the market. 

She says she was the only one working at the store on Wednesday when three women walked in. 

"I saw them nervous, I saw one girl telling another, don't do it," says Hernandez about the women. 

The surveillance video captured by the store's camera shows them walking around the store and at one point buying some items. 

Hernandez says what happened next is something she never thought would happen. 

"I never thought they would try and steal my purse," she says. 

She says after ringing up the items the women bought she went to attend another customer. 

That's when she left her purse behind the counter and next thing she knew it was gone

"The only thing that ran through my mind is my documents and my money is gone," she says.  

Inside of her purse was her rent money for the month. Even more important inside were her immigration documents.

"She called me probably 10 minutes later hysterically crying," says Mayra Coronel, Hernandez's daughter. 

She says this should serve as a warning to people in the community, urging anyone who might see these women to call police.

"It's heartbreaking to see my mom seeing she has to start all over," she says. 

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office says they're investigating to see if these three women are connected to any other crimes. 

Detectives describe the suspect who took the purse as a middle aged, Hispanic woman with curly dark hair. 

"If someone is watching this, people need to be careful, people watching need to be careful of their belongings," says Hernandez. 

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