Eyewitness talks about SLO kidnapping victim jumping out of moving car to escape

Suspect crashed car following police pursuit

Eyewitness talks about SLO kidnapping...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - A Lompoc man is facing several criminal charges for allegedly kidnapping a woman with the intent to rape her.

Daniel Guerrero, 33, was arrested after leading San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's deputies on a short pursuit in the Oceano area.

The San Luis Obispo Police Department said they received a call from the SLO County Sheriff's Office at 2:30 a.m., Sept. 4, requesting a SLO PD officer to assist with a kidnapping report in Oceano after a woman, believed to the victim, jumped out of a moving car screaming for help.

"I just heard her screaming," eyewitness Emmalee Kaliher said.  

Emmalee Kaliher and her friend heard that screaming around 1:30 a-m Monday. They were sitting in their car on Harding street in Oceano, about to get some late night food.

"And once the car got to right here.. the passenger door opened and closed real quick.. I heard them yelling," Kaliher said. "I thought it was just a boyfriend and a girlfriend fighting.. then he screeched out to a like a halt like right there where the yellow lines are," Kaliher said.  

Police say the driver was 33-year-old Daniel Guerrero of Lompoc. Kaliher couldn't believe what she saw next.

"I saw the passenger door open and she rolled out," Kaliher said. "She just went like Superman to the floor.. so then I ran over there and she had blood all over her face.. she had one shoe on, she just kept yelling he tried to rape me, call the cops, call the cops."

The crime occurred in downtown San Luis Obispo at about 1:30 a.m. when Guerrero allegedly approached the victim near the 700 block of Higuera Street, named two of her friends, and told the victim her friends had asked he take her to a friend's house, according to police.

The following excerpt is from a San Luis Obispo Police Department press release regarding this case:

"After a while, the victim realized Guerrero was not going in the direction of her friend’s house and asked that he return her to downtown San Luis Obispo. Guerrero refused and told the victim she was going to have sex with him. The victim told Guerrero that she would not have sex with him and requested that let her out of the car. Guerrero then began to assault the victim by punching her in the face and chest. After several attempts, the victim was able to unlock the vehicle and jumped from the moving car."

The victim, whose identity was not released, was taken to Arroyo Grande Hospital to be treated for minor injuries she suffered from the assault and jumping from a moving car during the daring escape.

While law enforcement officers were interviewing witnesses, the witnesses pointed to the suspect vehicle which happened to be driving by near their location at the time. Deputies unsuccessfully tried to pull the suspect car over and a car chase ensued.

Guerrero eventually crashed and attempted to flee on foot but was quickly captured and taken to San Luis Obispo County Jail. He faces charges of kidnapping, assault with intent to commit rape, and false imprisonment. 

The SLO County Sheriff's Office will be adding additional charges related to the pursuit. Guerrero's bail was set at $500,000.

If you have any information about what happened call SLO PD at (805) 781-7313 or the SLO Sheriff's Office at (805) 781-4540. 

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