Suspect accused of robbery and hitting a Loss Prevention Officer

VENTURA, Calif. - Police said a man is in custody after he robbed a store and assaulted a Loss Prevention Officer.

It happened at the WinCo Grocery store in the 4000 block of Telphone Road in Ventura on Sunday evening.

According to police the suspect, Michael Hansen, 26, of Ventura had been seen twice on Sunday removing items from the store without paying for them.

When Hansen entered the store for the second time, a Loss Prevention Officer began visual surveillance of the suspect. According to police, when Hansen tried to leave the store officers tried to stop him, and that's when Hansen hit one of them with a gallon container knocking him to the ground.

A witness called the police to report the struggle, and Hansen was arrested. He was booked for robbery. 

The Loss Prevention Officer sustained only minor injuries.

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