Smuggling Boat and Millions of Dollars Worth of Drugs Found in Cayucos

Smuggling Boat and Millions of Dollars Worth of Drugs Found

CAYUCOS, Calif - Millions of dollars worth of drugs were found next to a drug-smuggling boat in Cayucos.

"It's a huge number of bags," said Marlin Harms. Harms is a bird watcher but this morning he got a bigger show than he was expecting.

"The first thing I saw as I came close to the bluffs was a big panga boat with a huge number of sacks next to the boat on the beach," he said.

Harms was the one who called it in to the sheriff's office. "I was actually fairly anxious to make sure there were no people around that wanted to pick up what was in those sacks," he said.

The sheriff's office says the smugglers are dangerous. However, whoever was there was long gone when deputies arrived.

The boat is one of the largest and fastest found in San Luis Obispo County. According to the Department of Homeland Security it shows smugglers are getting more confident about bringing in larger amounts of cargo.

The boat is also a lot closer to homes than previous busts. "It is just surprising that it is this close to home and you know it is always amazing to be the one that discovers something like this, I never have before," said Harms.

The sheriff's office is still looking for the suspects. In the past people have been found, even a couple days after a bust.


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