Santa Maria woman accused of child torture in ICE custody

Jailed Georgina Ruiz-Bojorquez released from jail


Georgina Ruiz-Bojorquez, the Santa Maria woman accused of being physically abusive to children she took care of at her private day care center, was sentenced to five years in state prison on Wednesday at a court in Santa Maria.

The sentencing was part of a plea agreement earlier in the week, according to the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's Office.

Ruiz-Bojorquez pled guilty to one count of attempted torture for which she was received five years in prison, the District Attorney's office stated. Attempted torture is a strike offense.

Ruiz-Bojorquez, who had been jailed for nearly three years, was given credit for time served and was released from jail later the same day.

However, Ruiz-Bojorquez was taken into custody by ICE agents after her sentencing Wednesday, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency confirmed. She will attend an immigration hearing. It's unknown when that hearing will take place.



Many family and friends of Georgina Ruiz-Bojorquez were hoping Wednesday's court hearing would go a different way as they continue to argue that Ruiz-Bojorquez did nothing wrong at her private day care center.

In Wednesday's hearing, Ruiz-Bojorquez got assigned another court date - upsetting Georgina's family who say that she has been in jail long enough and they have been waiting almost two years for anything to get done in this case.

Even the father of some of the alleged victims was hoping to talk to the judge himself, to argue that Ruiz-Bojorquez was like a mother to his children and that they were forced to make a statement to detectives.

"I hope that something good and positive happens to her because she's a very good person and she doesn't deserve what she's [experiencing]." Benjamin Soto, father of some of the victims tells us.

Ruiz-Bojorquez's family is extremely worried that she is going to be spending more time in jail, bringing in pictures of abuse she has suffered by other prisoners and showing them to people outside  the courthouse.

"She's innocent - I don't know why the lawyer asked for more time - the time goes and nothing happens," says one of Ruiz-Bojorquz family members.

Ruiz-Bojorquez will return to court December 7th to meet with attorneys and the judge again. She could possibly face a jury trial sometime next spring.

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