Santa Maria theft suspect caught red handed in undercover operation

Armando Acosta, 41, accused of stealing iPhone

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - A Santa Maria resident is facing criminal charges after being caught red handed with stolen property early Thursday afternoon.

Armando Acosta, 41, was taken into custody in the 1800 block of north Broadway in Santa Maria, and taken to San Luis Obispo where he was booked at San Luis Obispo County Jail. He was charged with misappropriation of lost or stolen property, and for being in possession of stolen property.

On March 12, San Luis Obispo police were called out to the Taco Bell at Santa Rosa Street and Olive Street at 3:40 a.m. to investigate a reported stolen iPhone 6 Plus.

Officers tracked the victim's phone to several locations in San Luis Obispo and Avila Beach before the phone went dead.

On March 15, investigators say Acosta allegedly called a friend of the victim, and said he was willing to sell the phone back. That's when police and the victim worked together to contact the suspect and make arrangements for the phone's return.

An undercover officer posing as the victim met with Acosta on Thursday in a public parking lot in Santa Maria. Acosta was arrested after the officer confirmed he was in possession of the stolen device, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to call the SLO Police Department at 805-781-7312.

Police remind the public that once cell phones are reported stolen, they cannot be activated when taken to a cell phone service provider.

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