Santa Maria neighborhood struck by car burglars

Santa Maria neighborhood struck by...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - A Santa Maria neighborhood has recently become a hotbed for car burglaries. 

People living on Goodchild Lane, which is a newer neighborhood, say there's been car break-ins and "smash-n-grab" style break-ins going on for the past couple months. 

Most recently the street was hit two days ago. One person living on the street says thousands of dollars worth of his property was stolen has been stolen since late last year.  

"I just hope they can come up with a solution here," burglary victim Walt Binter said. 

When Walt Binter retired and moved to Santa Maria from San Diego 14 years ago, he never thought he'd be dealing with this nonsense.

"And we appreciate the community and stuff like that but we have a little bit of a problem with theft in the neighborhood," Binter said. 

More specifically, Binter has a three thousand dollar problem with theft in the neighborhood.

"They actually come out at night and break the windows out of the car to get inside and my boy has lost stereo systems out of his car," Binter said. 

Binter says he filed a police report and hopes they start patrolling more on Goodchild Lane.

"I know they want to protect us," Binter said. 

But it's not just car break-ins, Binter was blind-sided in broad daylight.

"As I was mowing my grass on one side of my lot, they were clearing out my garage on the other side," Binter said. 

Just a couple days ago, a women had her SUV broken into on this street and another family was hit.

"4 out of 5 of our cars have been broken into," burglary victim Gian Spallino said. 

Gian Spallino says this has been happening on Goodchild Lane for the past two months.

"The first time I was like oh maybe just a one time thing, just keep my door locked, but then they did it again and I'm starting to get pretty worried," Spallino said. 

Spallino says nothing expensive was stolen and his doors were locked - and thinks they used a slim jim-type tool to get inside.

"The doors were left ajar and all the glove boxes were messed with and all the papers and files were out all over the place," Spallino said. 

Spallino says he's thinking about getting some cameras and has a message for these crooks.

"I know a couple people on my block who are armed so I'd warn them if they make a move.. their life might depend on it," Spallino said. 

Santa Maria Police say to always lock your doors to your vehicles - no matter how nice of a neighborhood you live in. They say to always bring in your valuables to your house and don't leave anything out in sight. 

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