Santa Barbara police say restraint used on dangerous man downtown

Broken bottle and a pipe taken away

Police capture a suspect said to be carrying a pipe and a broken bottle as he fled a Community Liaison worker in Santa Barbara. (John Palminteri/KEYT photo)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A Santa Barbara Police Sergeant and responding officers were able to subdue a violent man with a broken bottle and a pipe this afternoon.

Sgt. Todd Johnson ended up uninjured but his uniform was ripped in the conflict.  

The suspect was not identified at the scene but was said to be on parole.

Patrol cars were called when the man did not cooperate with a downtown Community Liaison worker who found the suspect on State Street with an open container of alcohol.

The man headed towards Chapala where the uniformed officers arrived.

During the conflict the broken beer bottle and a pipe were an issue as the man was taken down and eventually detained by a special "wrap" device on his arms and legs.  He also had to have a mask over his mouth because he was reportedly spitting on the officers.

Several additional officers came to the scene for the safety of the first responding officers and the suspect.

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