Santa Maria man gets rims ripped off, police warn about spike in wheel thefts

Police warn residents about recent...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Santa Maria police are warning people about several recent rim and tire thefts in town.

Police said there's been a recent spike in these thefts citing at least a handful of these incidents in the past couple weeks. 

"My truck was just sitting on blocks, no jack stand, nothing, just rims gone," Christian Rochester said, who had his rims and tires stolen.

Christian Rochester was out $3,800 in rims and tires.

"It was about two months after I got the now I have the stock rims on again.. it just sucks because the money you pay.. everyone around town I feel like works for their money," Rochester said. 

Rochester has a message for whoever's doing this.

"I believe in Karma and everybody has what goes around comes around.. and I understand everyone has to do what they have to do to get by but I don't think stealing is the way to do it," Rochester said. 

Investigators said whoever is doing this, is jacking up the car, removing the rim and tire, and then either leaving the vehicle to sit on its brake rotors or on cement blocks. They say no part of town is immune to these thefts. 

Police recommend using wheel locks to deter crooks from doing this. 

It's also recommended that you etch your vehicle's VIN number into the rim - in case your wheels are ever stolen and then recovered by police - so they can get them back to you.

Wheel locks can be purchased at your local auto parts store for less than $25. 

"Keep an eye on everything, don't get too comfortable," Rochester said. 

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