Police give advice on citizen help when it comes to catching a suspect

Being a good witness is the best start

SBPD citizen advice to catching a...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Santa Barbara Police have been in many pursuits this month and citizens are often nearby.  Some want to help.

The risks are high says Sgt. Riley Harwood, and he encourages those near a suspect  "to provide us with information for officers responding to the scene. Help us  with information that can build a successful prosecution once the person is arrested."

Police have had pursuits including one on Wednesday that went on to Highway 101. The suspect, David DeMatteo was eventually caught hiding under a car.

Two other suspects with warrants ran in different directions this morning on Canon Perdido Street.  Extra officers swarmed the area and found them both, placing them into custody.

This occurred in a business and residential district with many on lookers.

At times people point officers in the direction of the suspects, and in some cases they intervene.

"Every individuals capabilities is different from anothers. Every situation is different," said Harwood. He also says the suspects may be at a low risk level and not worth a dangerous chase especially if the officers have been in touch with the person before or know where they live.


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