Phone scam targets Ventura County residents

Scammer pretends to be from Sheriff's Office

VENTURA COUNTY, Calif. - Scams targeting Southern California and Central Coast residents continue to be on the rise. The latest telephone scam occurred in Ventura County.

Residents throughout the county reported they have received calls from the telephone number 805-258-7065. This phone number is not associated with the Ventura County Sheriff's Office.

The phone number is a recorded message telling the victim they have reached the Civil Order Processing Unit for the Ventura County Sheriff's Office.

The victim is instructed to either leave a message or get on the line with a live person. The scammer then tells the victim they are with the Ventura County Sheriff's Office and gives a false name of a high ranking officer.

Authorities say the scammer instructs the victim to purchase a MoneyPak card or other reloadable type gift card and read the numbers off the back of those cards to the scammer.

Sheriff's officials say the Sheriff's Office will never ask you to purchase a reloadable gift card or MoneyPak card. 

If you believe you have missed jury duty or have an unpaid traffic fine, authorities encourage you to call the Ventura County Court directly at 805-289-8900 or visit the website at

"The Sheriff’s Office recommends that you do not call a phone number that is provided by a scammer or a phone number left on a voicemail requesting a call back," said the Ventura County Sheriff's Office in a statement. "Always do your research utilizing the internet or a phone book before providing any personal information or sending money."

Contact the Sheriff's Dispatch at 805-654-9511 to file a report if you feel you have been scammed and suffered a financial loss. You can also file a complaint online with the Federal Trade Commission at or the FBI at

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