Oxnard Police pursuit comes to a crashing end, suspects arrested

Oxnard Police Pursuit crash

OXNARD, Calif. - Residents in an Oxnard neighborhood woke up to the chaos of a wild police chase Wednesday morning.

Folks living on Quail Run Way near Vineyard Ave heard a loud boom around 3:40 a.m. and saw multiple police units on their street.

“I woke up and ran to my front window and looked out the window and saw that my car had been hit,” said Dexter Stallion who woke up to the loud crash.

Stallion still can’t believe what happened during a police pursuit that ended right outside his house. But when he walked outside Stallion noticed it wasn’t just one of his cars that was hit, it was all three. Surveillance video shows the driver of a Blue Honda Accord losing control and crashing into a total of four parked cars.

Oxnard police say that was the end of a car chase that started when the driver failed to yield.

“At this point occupants of the vehicle fled,” said Kevin Baysinger, command watch at Oxnard Police department.

Then the chase started on foot. From the crash site, neighbors say that the people in the Honda took off running through several backyards.

“As the police were casing the area, they found one suspect hiding in a neighbors backyard,” said Stallion. “Later they saw another suspect hiding in another neighbor's tool shed.”

Police arrested Alejandro Ramuco, and Hadrian Manriquez, both from Oxnard. Three hours later a third man was found.

“At 7:30 this morning one suspect began knocking on doors in the area asking for medical attention,” said Baysinger. “We believe that this suspect was also in the vehicle and had fled during the collision.”

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