Oxnard Police Department hosts 18th annual memorial ceremony

Oxnard Police Department holds 18th...

OXNARD, Calif. - The Oxnard Police Department hosted its 18th annual memorial service on Wedneday morning. 

The city has lost six officers to gunfire and one to a car accident since the 1900s.

They include Officer Jim Jensen, Officer Jim O’Brien, Officer Fredrick Clark, Sr. Officer John Adair, Constable William KelleyOfficer Albert Gasperetti and Deputy Contable Andrew McNaughton.

During the keynote address, Sgt. Randy Latimer talked about following in his late father's footsteps and working with Jim Jenson and Jim O'Brien.  

Relatives of those officers were among the special guests.

Latimer recalled this officers giving him the nickname Iceman for spinning his patrol car into ice plants.

Chief Scott Whitney said some of his officers could not attend the ceremony due to two overnight homicide investigations.

Whitney reminded the crowd about the recent shootings of two Palm Springs officers who were ambushed on a domestic violence call.

One was about the retire, while the other had just returned from maternity leave.

Whitney said his officers go on a lot of similar calls.

The ceremony ended with taps.

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