Oakland couple arrested for burglarizing homes in San Luis Obispo

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - An Oakland couple accused of burglarizing several homes in San Luis Obispo during the past few weeks have been arrested.

Police say they nabbed 29-year-old Christopher Jones and 37-year-old Veronica Weitz during a traffic stop on May 21, 2018, by a Pismo Beach police officer who recognized one of the suspects from photographs posted to social media.

Weitz was driving at the time with Jones as the passenger, according to authorities. The Pismo Beach officer discovered that Jones had a warrant for his arrest and immediately called the San Luis Obispo Police Department who sent detectives to the scene where the couple was being detained.

During a search of the suspects' car, police found numerous stolen laptops and other electronic equipment as well as a puppy that had also been reported stolen, according to SLO PD. Jones and Weitz were taken into police custody at that time and transported to San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Authorities say the residential burglaries occurred near the Cal Poly campus where may laptops, tablets, backpacks, and other electronics were taken. A surveillance photograph was taken of one of the suspects as he spoke on a cellular phone near one of the victim’s residences. These photographs were posted on the San Luis Obispo PD website and other social media outlets.

Detectives believe the burglars were targeting fraternities, sororities, and dormitory housing where doors are commonly left unlocked.

SLO PD says they've identified some of the stolen property recovered from the suspects' car search through serial numbers and specific descriptions provided by the victims, but they're still trying to identify the owners of the remaining items found in the car.

Anyone who believes they have been the victim of a recent burglary and can identify property that has been stolen is asked to call SLO police Detective Jason Dickel at 805-594-8028.


We would like to remind the public to lock your homes and store valuable property out of view from the public when you are away. Criminals actively look for crimes of opportunity and take advantage of complacent victims. It is also important to know the serial numbers on your valuables or to mark items of property for identification purposes in the unfortunate case they get stolen. 

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