New details in shocking spree of wallet and purse thefts

Customers at Goleta business have been targeted

Video shows thieves stealing one of...

GOLETA, Calif. - New video has been released showing two suspects involved in a purse theft out of a Goleta restaurant using a carefully crafted plan.

This was not a grab and run move.  

The suspects were also believed to have hit customers at Costco nearby, and Albertsons before walking into restaurant Jane where a purse on the floor near a customer was first moved, then taken.

The video shows one of the suspects kicking the purse slightly to get it next to a counter by the entrance.  While other customers are arriving and staff members are coming and going,  a suspect put his coat over the purse and casually walked out.

At the table, the victim Kathy Randmaa was with her husband Matt and a few minutes later noticed her purse was no longer there.

The crimes occurred last Friday.

Immediately Randmaa canceled her credit cards.  One was used nearby in Santa Barbara about 15 minutes from the theft.  It was rejected as not usable.

That transaction was attempted by a woman which leads investigators to believe there are three suspects involved in the crime spree.


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