New criminal complaint filed against former SLO County Sanitation District admin John Wallace

Wallace is accused of mismanagement

AVILA BEACH, Calif. - Former Avila Beach Community Services District General Manager John Lee Wallace is facing a new conflict of interest case against him.

The most recent felony criminal complaint filed by the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney's Office alleges that Wallace made, participated in, or influenced governmental decisions in which he had a financial interest in during his role as General Manager of the Avila Beach Community Services District.

Wallace is charged with two felony and two misdemeanor counts. In January 2017, a similar complaint was filed against Wallace relating to his role as District Administrator at the South San Luis Obispo Sanitation District.

In January 2016, the SLO County District Attorney's Office received a report commissioned by the South SLO Sanitation District to investigate Wallace's management practices at that agency.

"During that investigation, the District Attorney’s Office learned of Mr. Wallace’s involvement with the ABCSD, which led to the filing of the most recent complaint," said the SLO County District Attorney's Office in a statement.

Brown White & Osborn Attorneys, the law firm representing Wallace, issued the following statement regarding the new criminal complaint:

This complaint is newly filed, but doesn’t contain new ideas. As before, the District Attorney’s charges are based on contracts and events that go back many years and were publicly disclosed, reviewed, and approved. As before, we’re prepared to demonstrate that the contracts at issue were approved by the appropriate authorities, cleared by the public entities’ legal counsel, and represented an honest and forthright attempt by everyone involved to comply with the law. We’ll defend Mr. Wallace – and his superlative career of service – in court.

Wallace will be arraigned June 7, 2017, on this most recent complaint.

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