Man who knows alleged Solvang kidnapper talks about his past

Man who knows alleged Solvang kidnapper talks about his past

BUELLTON, Calif. - We're learning more about Joseph Hetzel. We now know that he spent most of his life living on Calor Drive in Buellton. Earlier we spoke with a man who knows him.

"I knew that he had probably some issues," a neighbor who we're referring to as "John" said. 

We're calling him "John" to protect his identity. John grew up in the same neighborhood that Joseph Hetzel spent most of his life - off of Calor Drive and 2nd Street in Buellton.

"A little quirky I guess I would call it, he seemed to be a little bit in and out of trouble," John said. 

Hetzel is accused of being back in trouble. We asked John what he thought about Hetzel allegedly kidnapping his girlfriend, bringing her to Nevada and forcing her to marry him. 

"Wasn't real surprised," John said. 

"Wasn't real surprised" --  but he is relieved that 55-year-old Virginia Paris is now safe. 

"Too bad that something like that happened, I knew that he had been in some trouble in the past," John said. 

John might be on to something. Hetzel's court records show he has a slew of charges over the years - ranging from selling drugs to domestic abuse.

We spoke with several people here in this neighborhood and probably knocked on a good 20 doors but when it came to talking on the record about Hetzel - people were a little camera shy. 

"I know he had vandalized a church a while ago, actually quite a while ago.. I think he got in trouble for that, I hoped he would've learned a lesson or something," John said. 

John says it was this church, just around the corner.

"A window got broken in, rock through a window and some herbicide sprayed on some of the plant life there," John said. 

For now Hetzel remains in Nevada custody. We'll let you know when and if he's extradited back to Santa Barbara County. 

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