Machete-Wielding Robber Hits Isla Vista Apartment

Machete Attack Isla Vista

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - The tenant of an Isla Vista apartment surprised a burglar who was armed with a machete Monday afternoon.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the scene at the Cortez Apartments in the 700 block of Camino del Sur, but the robber got away. 

Investigators dusted the front door and window of the unit looking for fingerprints.  Screens were seen pulled out from the front window.

The working description of the suspect from law enforcement is of a man dressed all in black, wearing a mask and  a black hat with green stripes and wielding a machete.

The tenant who confronted the intruder was injured. He was taken to the hospital with injuries to his arm and head.

Anyone with information about the robbery or might have seen something suspicious is urged to call 911.

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