Luster awaits new sentencing

Max Factor heir won't get new trial but could get shorter sentence

Luster awaits new sentencing

VENTURA, Calif. - The heir to the Max Factor makeup fortune is going to get a new sentencing hearing.

Andrew Luster is 10 years into a 124-year term for drugging and raping three women. Two of the rapes were videotaped. Every videotaped sex act led to an additional charge.

Luster fled to Mexico during his trial and was sentenced in absentia.
Six months later, Dwayne (Dog the bounty hunter) Chapman found Luster at a bar in Puerto Vallarta.

The 49-year-old's petition for habeas corpus was granted and led to a two-week hearing in Ventura County.

On Monday, Judge Kathryne Ann Stoltz vacated Luster's sentence and scheduled a new sentencing hearing for April 4.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys could change the date if there is a scheduling conflict.

The court denied Luster's request for a new trial or a plea bargain that attorneys argued about during the hearing.

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