Lompoc Police investigate early morning car fires

Cars burned in alley along North N and O Streets

Lompoc Police investigate suspicious car fires

LOMPOC, Calif. - Lompoc Police are investigating three suspicious car fires early Monday morning.

The three torched cars were parked on opposite sides of an alleyway between the 200 blocks of North N and North O Streets.

By the time firefighters arrived just before 3:00 am, the three cars were engulfed in flames.

The car fires were reported by people living in nearby apartments.

"It was around 2:30, my mom woke me up and there were three cars burning", says Juan Hernandez who says he called 911 for help, "I came out, I turned on the water hose to try and calm it down a little."

Explosions were heard as the flames engulfed the three cars.

After firefighters arrived on scene, some neighbors had to evacuate their apartments as a precaution.

One of the burned cars was parked next to a laundry room which also caught fire but the flames were quickly extinguished.

"Initial attack was made, quick knock down was made by initial responding units with the help of Vandenberg and Santa Barbara County Fire", says Lompoc Fire Battalion Chief Scott Nunez, "it was contained to three vehicles and a little bit of exposure to the laundry room."

Lompoc Police and a Lompoc Fire Department investigator stayed on scene for several hours taking witness statements and collecting evidence.

All three cars are a total loss.

Those we spoke with say the three car fires were intentionally set and not accidental.

"I think it was because it was two cars across the street and then this one turned on fire like nothing, I mean", Juan Hernandez says.

Anyone with any information about these three, early morning car fires or possible suspect description should contact the Lompoc Police Department.

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