Graffiti vandals arrested in Goleta

GOLETA, Calif. - Three men could face criminal charges for vandalizing a drainage culvert at Cathedral Oaks and Glen Annie Road in Goleta.

A witness called 9-1-1 to report the taggers on Saturday.

Deputies responded and caught three men spraying graffiti.

The suspects were arrested and transported to jail.

They have been identified as Joseph Rocco Peransi, 31, of Santa Barbara, ansen Michael Lee, 33, of Lompoc and Gregory Winfield Smith, 32, of Lompoc.

The three could face charges for conspiracy, vandalism of $400 or more, possession with the intent to commit vandalism or graffiti, and dumping waste matter in a creek.

Deputies say they also seized more than 60 cans of spray paint.

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