Good Samaritan Helps Deputies Nab Rape Suspects

Two men, teen behind bars charged with raping 18-year-old UCSB student

Good Samaritan Helps Deputies Nab Rape Suspects

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Two men and a teen are in jail charged with raping in Isla Vista this weekend.

Law enforcement is crediting a Good Samaritan that helped them track down the suspects.

The sexual assault happened on the 6500 block of Sabado Tarde around 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

Casey Avila, 22, and Charles Dunbar, 18, were arrested for rape in concert. That's when two or more people act together to commit a sexual assault.

A 15-year-old boy from Oxnard was also arrested in the rape case and was booked in the Santa Maria juvenile hall.

"Just very disturbing and disgusting that they would come to Isla Vista and victimize this young woman in this way," said Kelly Hoover, the Sheriff's Office spokesperson.

Siena Florentine and Danielle Cross are freshmen at UC Santa Barbara. They were surprised to hear about a fellow student who had been raped.

"I was shocked. I haven't heard about anything like this happening, so I've liked to think that it's been very safe. I still think it is but I was really shocked and it's really scary to hear that," said Cross.

They both received text message alerts letting them know about the assault, but when they heard about the Good Samaritan who saw what happened and flagged down police, they were glad to hear of what he did.

"That's really nice to know that people would call because you hear that people see things and not always report it, so knowing that people will actually do it out of the kindness of their hearts is really nice," said Florentine.

Sheriff's deputies are crediting that man with identifying the three suspects.

"The Isla Vista resident in this case did the right thing. He saw what he thought was a behavior that was not right, he was concerned about the victim, he went over and checked on her and then he immediately called for help. That is the kind of response that we want to see from Isla Vista residents or residents anywhere when they have any suspicion that there's something that is not right going on, to call for help immediately," said Kelly Hoover, the Sheriff's Office spokesperson.

Blake Zimmerman and his friend Robbie Chen, both UCSB sophomores, hadn't heard about the rape, but were glad to hear someone stepped in.

"We need good people out here. People do get assaulted and raped and it's disgusting. But we need good people in the neighborhood to counter balance it," said Zimmerman. 

Deputies believe the trio was also involved in another crime earlier in the night.

"Well these guys obviously came to Isla Vista to cause a lot of trouble. Not only were they arrested in this horrendous crime, but they also were associated with petty theft that had occurred just prior to this happening," said Hoover.

Avila and Dunbar are behind bars at the Santa Barbara County Jail with bail set at $250,000 each.

Their arraignment is scheduled for later this week.

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