Fumigation tents attract new kind of pests

Police: Tenting burglaries on the rise

VENTURA, Calif. - Fumigation tents make some places look like the circus is in town. Ventura police said  they are drawing attention from the wrong crowd. Officers are warning homeowners about burglaries taking place during fumigation days.

Since March, burglars have stolen cash, jewelry, electronics and a car from tented homes in Ventura.

The chemicals used to kill termites and other pests are dangerous enough to harm criminals, too,  but that hasn't stopped them. Some neighbors think they may be wearing protective gear.

Fumigation companies and homeowners are being asked to alert police when tents are up. They plan to patrol the areas more often.

Neighbors can report suspicious activity by calling 911 or the Ventura Police Department's non-emergency line at  650-8010.

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