Freeway pursuit leads to two arrests in Santa Barbara at gunpoint

Suspects wanted for burglaries and auto theft

Santa Barbara Police used a bean bag weapon on this suspect before arresting him for a reported stolen vehicle and burglaries in the area. A woman was also taken in by officers. (John Palminteri/KEYTphoto)

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Police say two suspects believed to be connected to burglaries and auto theft were caught at gunpoint after a chase on and off the freeway Monday morning in Santa Barbara.

A stolen Volkswagon Jetta was spotted about 11:15 a.m. near Elings Park.   

As detectives in unmarked vehicles and officers in marked police units moved in, the suspect vehicle, with a man and woman inside took off.   

Police tried to make a traffic stop nearby but the chase began on U.S. Highway 101 southbound at La Cumbre Road.

The vehicle got up to speeds of about 80 miles per hour before exiting at Mission and into a neighborhood where the pursuit ended up on a dead end street.

Police say neither person inside the car was cooperating.

The male suspect eventually got out, with his hands up at gunpoint, but moments later ran. Police used a "less lethal" beanbag rifle and shot the suspect twice before getting handcuffs on him.

The female suspect was removed with force from the passenger seat.

Neighbors witnessed the pursuit and shooting. It was captured on phone video by a resident Paul Carrera. Several adults and children were in the area.



Police continue to investigate but they say the suspects have been sought recently due to burglaries and auto thefts.   

This afternoon police identified the suspects as Isaiah Alexander and Stephanie Lean.  No details on where they are from have been released.  Alexander was said to have a long criminal history.

Details are still being gathered but two stolen vehicles were recovered today in connection with the case. The Jetta was reportedly registered in Westlake. A Honda Civic was registered in Santa Barbara.

A replica weapon was found in the Jetta when police searched the vehicle.

Authorities say they have been tracking down these suspects after a series of crimes in the area.

Alexander and Lean are facing charges linked to burglaries, auto theft, resisting a peace officer and felony evading.

In an unrelated case, about the same time, a stolen motor home was located at the Cliff Room parking lot on the Santa Barbara Mesa. 

This story has been updated with the latest information.

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