Four teens arrested for breaking into Santa Barbara High School

This is the third break-in in recent weeks

Four teens arrested for breaking into...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Police arrested four teens for breaking and entering into Santa Barbara High School Tuesday night around 7:00 p.m.

Assistant Principal Fred Razo confirmed a school gardener returned to his shop to check on something when he saw signs of someone breaking into the building. 

“He had called the police. He was waiting for their response and when he was waiting he heard some noise going on," said Razo.

The gardener walked closer to find out where the noise was coming from and told authorities he saw a group of people throwing rocks at a window and laughing. 

“He then called in for a second call and said hey that he had some people he believed were the ones who originally broke into his shop," said Razo. 

Santa Barbara Police officers responded shortly and caught the four teenagers in the act. They were arrested and booked with felony charges. Their names will not be released until the investigation is over. 

According to Razo, there had been a string of break-ins at the school in recent weeks. In all cases, the criminals broke windows to get into the building. Each time, officers respond because there are people in the area who witnessed or heard strange activity coming from the school. 

“Our community and parents count on us. When these incidents that take place set us back and that’s money that we’re putting forward to repair damages as opposed to get those classrooms back. It is heartbreaking," said Razo. 

He hopes these arrests will remind people to refrain from committing crimes. 

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