Former youth basketball coach sentenced in sexual abuse case

Lawyer: "Victim admitted she made up story"

Former youth basketball coach...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Former Santa Maria youth basketball coach Ramoan Blackmon was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to pay a total of $1,500 in fines related to a child sexual abuse case.

Investigators arrested Blackmon in November 2016 and accused him of touching, hugging and kissing a minor only identified as "Jane Doe," with the abuse alleged to have begun when the victim was only 11 years old.

His attorney, Addison Steele, says the victim in this case admitted in open court that she made up the whole story, but Steele decided rather than risk a trial with a jury that may have not have believed "Jane Doe"'s recant, it was in the best interest of his client to take the plea deal for five years probation. 

"As you know the complaining witness, who after a conviction we call her the victim, came in at the Preliminary Hearing and she admitted that she had made up these charges - in open court she testified that she had made up these accusations because she enjoyed the attention she was getting," Blackmon's attorney Addison Steele said.  

Blackmon will not be allowed to be around anyone under the age of 18 for the next five years. He will also not be allowed around his two children without another adult present for the next five years.

"The entire family at this point would just like to heal and move on," Steele said. 

Ramoan Blackmon is starting his life over from scratch at 37-years-old.

"Just want it over and we want to start a new life," Blackmon's wife said. 

Ramoan Blackman's wife spoke on her husband's behalf. She watched Monday morning as her husband was sentenced to five years felony probation.

"A nightmare and you wake up and it's still a nightmare," Blackmon's wife said. 

As part of the plea deal, Blackmon will have to register as a sex offender.

"Just want to go home to our kids," Blackmon's wife said.  

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