Former UCSB student sentenced to 36 years for rape

Chen: "I'm deeply truly sorry."

Former UCSB student sentenced to prison

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Emotions were high in a Santa Barbara Superior Courtroom as the survivor of a brutal and violent rape in 2014 spoke during her attacker's sentencing. 

'Jane Doe,' the survivor in this case was lured by 22-year-old Daniel Chen on February 23, 2014 to a dark and secluded area of the UC Santa Barbara campus where he raped and beat her. Authorities and Jane Doe believe Chen did not act alone. 

"Law enforcement will continue to work tirelessly that they have since day 1 to look for any other individuals," said Deputy District Attorney Ben Ladinig.

Jane Doe remembers being pinned down to the ground by Chen. She begged him to let her go and told him he didn't have to hurt her. After the multiple rapes and violent beatings, Chen let Jane go, but forcibly took her cell phone. Jane walked slowly away from the crime scene while she feared he would change his mind and go after her. Jane ultimately ran into her apartment and asked her roommate for help.

At the sentencing hearing, Jane was surrounded by her parents, little sister, friends and supporters. She and her parents took turns speaking to the court. Her father recounted the heartbreaking moments when entered a room at Cottage Hospital where he saw his daughter.

Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge James Herman sentenced Chen to 36 years in prison. 

"Mr. Chen, the damage you've created and the ripples of damage you've created to your family, friends, community and even to your own family is difficult to grasp," said Judge Herman. 

Chen also took a moment to apologize to the Jane and her family.

"I'm deeply truly sorry," said Chen. 

Judge Herman and people inside the courtroom were in awe of Jane as she recounted that night and shared her experiences post-attack. 

"The fact that she came back and graduated from our global and beautiful university speaks volumes about her and is empowering for other survivors of sexual assault. She's really a just remarkable person," said Ladinig.

Jane and Ladinig complimented the officers and crime lab employee who helped with the investigation.

"The people who went out there and canvassed for days and found the crime scene, the day before that storm that broke the Moby Dick windows hit. If they had not found the crime scene with those pieces of evidence, this case would've never been solved," said Ladinig.

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