Fast, furious and reckless driving creating dangerous conditions on many local streets

Evidence is showing up but drivers get away

Fast and furious drivers causing big...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Rubber tracks from high speed, smoky burnouts are showing up more and more on local streets,  often in a circular pattern.  Police say it's a serious violation.

Drivers are apparently doing it in the middle of the night.

So far no daytime reports have come in and no arrests in Santa Barbara or Goleta have been made.

But the evidence is clear.

At several sites including the Cabrillo Blvd. stretch by East Beach, by the Bird Refuge, near City College and the Sandpiper Golf course on Hollister avenue, radical burnouts have taken place.  

One set of tire tracks even goes over the curb line into the walkway by a fence and three stationary posts.

Santa Barbara police Sgt. Joshua Morton says " property damage is one thing but actually hurting someone, an innocent civilian - if you have a passenger you could hurt them or you could hurt yourself."

Patrol officers are on the lookout but citizens should call in this type of driving and get a license plate number.

"There are dire consequences," said Morton.  A death could lead to vehicular manslaughter charges.   "Just speeding in general is dangerous," he said, but near other people, or structures is very risky.

Drivers caught could go to jail, have their license taken away for a year and have their vehicle impounded.




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