Explosion at Goleta Apartment Complex Leaves One Man Hospitalized

Cause of Explosion Under Investigation

Explosion in Goleta

GOLETA, Calif. - The normally quiet Ellwood Beach neighborhood in Goleta looked like scene from a Hollywood movie after an explosion rocked an apartment building. Kris Lowe, the manager or the apartment building located at 447 Ellwood Beach Drive, said "I heard the blast, I came out to find the guy walking around with his skin burned off his hand."
The cause of the explosion is currently under investigation, but the force of the blast was so powerful it blew the windows right out of the apartment. Henry Medina, who lives across the street from the blast, said "We were watching a movie, we heard a loud blast, it sounded like a plate of glass breaking."
Neighbors rushed to the scene to try to help, but the intensity of the explosion made it difficulty to get into the apartment.
"It looked like people were walking their dog, they went up to the apartment to try to help but they just yelled to call 911," said Zach Ruhe, who lives in the same complex as the blast.
The man who was renting the unit was transported to the hospital with severe burns. A thorough investigation is planned.


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