Evidence shows Chinese hackers hit American companies

Computer security firm says attacks on U.S. businesses from Shanghai building

Evidence shows Chinese hackers hit American companies

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A new report from an American security firm attributes attacks against 141 U.S. companies to a government building in Shanghai, China.

Mandiant's report cites the building as home to a division of the People's Liberation Army.

This is just the latest piece of evidence that ties the Chinese government to cyber-attacks on American businesses.

"What's really going on is cyber-espionage," said Dick Kemmerer the director of UC Santa Barbara's Computer Security Group. "They're stealing information about our infrastructure. They're also stealing confidential info from businesses."

Government officials in China deny the accusations.

The White House didn't directly comment about the Mandiant report. President Barack Obama has ordered government agencies to help American companies spot and deter hackers from the secret army building in Shanghai.

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