Double hit and run on the Santa Barbara Mesa leaves three vehicles damaged

Suspect took off on foot after the wreck

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Three vehicles were damaged in a double hit and run Saturday afternoon on the Santa Barbara Mesa. 

The collisions occurred just before 3 p.m. near La Mesa Park  at 295 Meigs Road below Cliff Drive.

Two vehicles were damaged in that area according to an eyewitness who saw the suspect vehicle leave.  It was a black jeep with a license plate that had the last three numbers of 710.

That vehicle was spotted a few minutes later up and over the curb about a half a block away.   It had a damaged front end including a broken right headlight.   The driver was no longer in the vehicle. A passersby said it was a man that was last seen on foot going towards Cliff.

A worker at the Lazy Acres market nearby also assisted police with information.

Responding officers went to the crash scene, the location of the suspect vehicle, and to an address on West Valerio Street.

No information has been released on a possible arrest as of Saturday afternoon.

There were no known injuries. 

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